Town Hall
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Commercial Building Application Check List
All Applications Must Include The Following Paperwork:

1) A copy of the Planning Board Approval

2) A copy of receipt for Inspection Fees paid to Planning Board.

3) A copy of Town Board bond receipt.

4) Original certified survey with proposed building and setbacks to property lines as well as designated parking areas.

5) Driveway permit from Town, County or State office.

6) Putnam County Dept. of Health approvals for well and septic system (original).

7) Original P.C. D.O.H. Approved Septic Plan.

8) Original signed and Stamped architectural and mechanical plans.

9) Completed Building, Plumbing, HVAC, Equipment and Gas permit applications, with supporting paperwork:

a) Copy of P.C. License (for all mechanical contractors)

b) Copy of Liability & Worker’s Compensation insurance with the Town of Southeast listed as a certificate holder.(Workers Comp Form #C105.2(12/03) or Affidavit).

c) Riser diagrams as needed.

10) Application Fee.

NOTE: Application will not be accepted if missing any of the above information.

Please call this office at 845-279-2123 with any questions.