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Southeast Comprehensive Plan
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Brewster, NY 10509
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Tom LaPerch, Chair
Planning Board Chairman
Lynne Eckardt, Vice Chair
Town Councilwoman
Dan Armstrong
Planning Board Member
Ed Colello
Zoning Board of Appeals Chairman
John Goudey
Architectural Review Board Chairman
George Joiner
Chamber of Commerce Representative
James Schoenig
Mayor of the Village of Brewster
Michele Stancati
Town Clerk, Secretary
Ashley Ley
Town Planner
Table of contents and adoption information
This Comprehensive Plan updates the Town of Southeast’s 1992 Master Plan. The Town has undertaken this update in response to a number of factors affecting its quality-of-life and character.
The Town of Southeast is a picturesque and peaceful community of nearly 35 square miles located in the Harlem Valley in the southeastern portion of Putnam County just north of the Westchester County border (Figure 2-1). Within that area is a diversity of landscapes and community patterns including rolling hills, reservoirs, lakes, and streams, historic farm properties, and suburban housing developments as well as areas of commercial activity, both retail strips and office parks.
The 1992 Master Plan describes the Town’s setting and historic development within Putnam County. Southeast enjoys many of the benefits of its location along major transportation routes, including access to jobs in the New York City, White Plains, and Danbury areas as well as
Natural resources help to define Southeast’s community character. Residents of Southeast can identify with the rolling topography, the streams and reservoirs, and the broad vistas available from many local roads. The quality of this landscape is important to the residents of Southeast.
The Town’s future land use pattern is driven by its overall plan and vision for land use and community character, the zoning code that regulates the location and scale of uses, and the transportation network that ties all of the uses together. Within the overall plan and vision for land use and community character are considerations for housing, commercial development, and open spaces. Each of these issues is examined separately in this Comprehensive Plan.
Southeast is predominantly a bedroom community with a few concentrated areas of commercial activity. Reinforcing this pattern is a vital component of the Town’s land use plan. Housing locations should be coordinated with the growth of commercial areas and capacity of transportation networks.
A community’s character is a function of its residential neighborhoods, its open spaces, and its commercial districts. Commercial uses also play another role in a community: they provide opportunities for people to shop and work. A well-balanced community will ensure that residential, open space areas, and commercial districts are integrated into an overall plan.
The Town’s road network and railroad are integrally tied to its land use pattern and its economic development. How well people move between home and work or home and shopping is an essential determinant of quality-of-life and the attractiveness of the Town as a place to live and do business.
Southeast’s growth in recent years has meant the planned and actual expansion of community facilities and services. Many of the pressing needs are being addressed by the Town already.
The Town of Southeast prepared its Comprehensive Plan concurrent with planning and engineering efforts undertaken as part of the Croton Plan. The Croton Plan is a document described in the NYCDEP Watershed Regulations that evaluates potential infrastructure investments to address water quality problems within the Croton watershed.
Maps & Figures for the entire Comprehensive Plan document found in this section.
The sections above have been made available in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), and require Acrobat Reader to view and/or print.  The full plan (1.6 mb) may also be downloaded in .zip format.

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